This list of questions to ask a campground destination about camping with dogs is meant to be exhaustive and allow you to choose which questions are most relevant for you. We do not advocate an interrogation of your campground destination as you want the campground to welcome your arrival, not dread it.

  • Do you have any requirements on leash size?
  • What precautions have you taken to make this campground safe for dogs? Do you spray for insects such as mosquitoes or ticks?
  • What is your relationship with the local veterinarian or emergency pet hospital? Are they familiar with your campground and can you easily provide assistance if our dog needs vet care?
  • What type of dog-related incidents has your campground encountered in the past that has gotten previous campers in trouble?
  • Are there any records of dogs being injured by local wildlife at your campground?
  • What do you think would be the biggest danger in camping with our dogs at this campground?
  • Have you found other campers with dogs responsible in the management of their pet and respectable of other dog owners at the campground?
  • What dog-related activities do you think we would enjoy most at your campground?
  • Are there any questions that I should be asking that I’m not asking in order to make sure my experience camping with my dog is the best it can be at your campground?
  • What kind of wildlife is around the campground and what type of wildlife can we expect to enter our campsite?
  • Have there been any rabies or lyme disease reported around your campground?
  • Are hiking trails around the campground available to dogs? If so, what are the leash rules?
  • What is the seasonality for your campground? What is your heaviest season/month/weekdays, what are your lightest seasons/months/weekdays?
  • Do we need to provide proof of rabies vaccination or any type of health certificate to camp with our dog at your campground?
  • What specific pet rules do you have at your campground?
  • Does your campground charge fees for my dog?
  • Are there dog weight limits or restrictions at your campground?
  • Does your campground have designated quiet hours?
  • What is the most spacious site at your campground?

Do you have contributions to this list of questions? Please leave them in the comments section we would love to hear from you!