By addressing all the items on this camping with dogs safety checklist, you will be on your way to a safe, comfortable and fun trip with your dog.

  • Check with your vet to update all vaccinations and immunizations
  • Prepare identification tags with information about your dog, you, and forest ranger contact information
  • Pick up essential safety and comfort gear
  • Prepare and pack your dog’s first aid kit
  • Contact the campground to inquire into any recent insect or wildlife issues around the campsite
  • Check the Dept. of Natural Resources in the state you will be camping website for any danger alerts
  • If necessary, take some time to teach your dog simple dog obedience commands
  • Be sure your dog is prepared for vehicle travel
  • Plan your trip to arrive during daylight hours for campsite setup and acclimation
  • Pack enough fresh water for the trip to the campground to ensure your dog doesn’t get sick from drinking from all the different municipality water systems
  • If camping near rushing streams or if you are camping near water and your dog cannot swim, consider packing a dog life vest for the trip